Essential Oil Soaps: Why Use Homemade Natural Soaps?

With so many skin care products available, you may wonder why it is even necessary to purchase all-natural skin care products. Generally, all-natural essential oil soaps cost more and are not as commercially available as other products. However, the benefits of our homemade natural soaps outweigh the disadvantages.

Our Homemade Natural Soap Works Wonders on Dry, Sensitive Skin

Even the drug store soaps marketed towards sensitive skin can irritate the skin, causing it to feel dry and itchy. If you check out the list of ingredients on the back of a soap box, you may be surprised by the long list of unpronounceable ingredients. In all honesty, many of these chemicals may be inexpensive for companies to produce, but they could be irritating your skin and harmful to your health. Our all natural skincare products contain ingredients such as high quality oils and butters that are good for the skin. Rather than fill our products with mystery chemicals, we use real ingredients that are good for you.

All Our Products Are Cruelty Free

We love animals just as much as you do, which is why it is fundamentally important for us to sell only cruelty-free products. We NEVER test on animals, because we believe that animals should not be harmed for the sake of high quality products and good skin. Animal lovers can feel safe knowing that our products do not involve harming animals ever.

Are you interested in our essential oil soaps and all natural skin care products? Shop our store today to find your new favorite product!